Brené Brown

Upstatement reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in designing a new logotype for the incomparable Brené Brown. Of course! It needed to reflect Brené’s personality and, as a point of reference, she loves Matthew Carter’s typeface Georgia. I also love Georgia so I drew something inspired by Georgia but with hints of Miller and, hopefully, more than a bit of Brené’s empathy and courage. It was an honor to draw this for her.

BTW, I think this project makes me an off-screen character on Ted Lasso. Hear me out… In season 2 episode 6, Rebecca’s mother mentions the (fictitious) new Brené Brown book “Enter the Arena but Bring a Knife.” Well, as it turned out, Brené did have a new book coming out and the new logotype I drew was on the cover so, following the logic, I drew the logotype for the book mentioned on the show and, therefore, I exist in the Ted Lasso universe.

Commissioned Work