Godfrey Dadich Partners tasked me with developing a new logotype and associated branding marks for Brightcove. The design challenge was pretty straightforward: make a clean, all caps, condensed, sans serif logotype that would stand out on top of video. As an aesthetic reference, GDP was deploying my typeface Balto in a branding campaign along with some very bold colors. So, I drew some sketches, we talked about them, I drew some more sketches, we talked about them some more and we ended up with a crisp, no-nonsense logotype that works huge, tiny and everywhere in between.

Social Media Icons

The second challenge was social media. Oh, social media companies and your tiny square and circle profile images… Obviously fitting the full logotype into a square wasn’t going to work, so we decided to start with the B from the full logotype and make it fit a 1:1 ratio. Along the way, we had the idea to get a sense of depth and motion in there. I came up with the idea of doing a simple take on that super cool 3D cube illusion that we all doodled in our high school notebooks.

Product Logotypes

Finally, Brightcove had a lot of products that needed consistent logotypes. Also, the product list was to be ever growing and it needed to be fast, easy and economical to create and deploy new logotypes. After some thinking, I decided the best thing to do would be to make a logotype creation machine machine. That machine is… wait for it… a font. Now, whenever Brightcove is ready to launch a new product they can have a logotype in a matter of minutes. Fonts are useful!

Commissioned Work